Kona Community Hospital Auxiliary






          Welcome to the “Health Care Team” of Kona Community Hospital and the Kona Community Hospital Auxiliary.  As members of the “team,” we serve to provide the best possible patient care.  We support and extend the work of staff personnel and we promote better relations between Kona Community Hospital and the community that it serves.


The motto of the Auxiliary is:

“We Serve With Aloha"


          As members of the Auxiliary, we serve without pay.  We do not take the place of paid personnel but assist in specified departments of Kona Community Hospital.  At times, we are the first contact for a patient or a visitor.  We must make the best possible impression on everyone with whom we come in contact.  A neat appearance, smiling face, and an identification badge is a must!






          Volunteers are expected to adhere to their commitment of service.  If you are unable to volunteer on a scheduled date or time, you should notify the auxiliary office or the head of the department where you are assigned.  Arrangements may need to be made for a replacement for that day. 


          For leave of absences for an extended period of time, the Auxiliary office should be notified in advance so a replacement can be scheduled.  Leave a message at 322-4577.   The departments depend on you - please don’t let them down. 


          If you are dissatisfied with your assigned station, notify the Membership Chairman so that an adjustment can be made.