Kona Community Hospital Auxiliary




1.     Besides the deep sense of fulfillment that most volunteers feel, there are also some other tangible benefits.  All active volunteers are eligible to receive:


2.     Free yearly flu shots.


3.     Medical care for on-the-job injury taken care of by the Kona Community Hospital as long as it was not due to carelessness or disregard for safety rules.


4.     Letters of Recommendation for jobs and school admissions.


5.     Complimentary cafeteria meal after volunteering 4 hours on a scheduled day.


6.     Statement of number of volunteer hours accrued for future awards and recommendations.


7.     May attend a variety of hospital in-services (excludes CPR and First Aid courses.)


8.     Volunteer Service Pins depending on the number of hours accumulated.


Note:  Seniors are also invited and encouraged to enroll in the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) which provides mileage reimbursement to/from residence to hospital, public liability and automobile liability insurance as appropriate and additional benefits.  For more information contact Coran Kitaoka at 322-2427.




There are many educational sessions presented for the staff throughout the year, and you are welcome to attend any sessions that appeal to you.  Call the In-service Department (Extension #4559) to sign up or get more information on an in-service.  Occasionally, there may be a restriction on attendance, but that will be explained when you call to sign up.




Active volunteers are required to attend yearly Mandatory Education Sessions that cover at least the following areas:


          1.       Infection Control

          2.       Environment of Care

                    A.       Patient, Employee and Visitor Safety (Hazardous Materials)

          B.       Fire & Electrical Safety

                    C.       Emergency Preparedness Plan

                    D.       Emergency Codes

                    E.       Body Mechanics - Eliminating Injury